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Job Description

The King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) is searching for a candidate who is dedicated, passionate to advance energy economics research through data, models and tools. Individual need to be energetic and ensures thorough attention to detail.
Data Analyst will automate and maintain data flows between source, KAPSARC data portal, web apps and energy data analytics ecosystem. Position will review data, automate and maintain hundreds of sources to publish data flows. Having expertise in managing time series data, climate/energy/economics domain is a must have expertise. Position will understand KAPSARC models and supply relevant data inputs, run models’ policy scenarios and develop analytics detailing insights.

Required qualifications

  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Computer Sciences, Environment/Energy or related field.
  • Professional experience in large scale data management with hands-on expertise on structured and unstructured databases, statistics, programming, data ingestion, time-series data management.
  • Excellent command of oral and written English is required.
  • Source and discover data: Capture, store and understand data by developing scripts/tools
    o Perform data sourcing, preparation and management functions in an automated way
    o Setup and manage time series, event, and link databases
  • Data fusion and analysis: Transform data using off-the-shelf and open-source tools to analyze and write data insights further
    o Perform descriptive, exploratory, inferential, predictive and causal type data analysis
    o Track key climate, energy and economic indicators data changes, alert and publish data insights
  • Model and publish: Maintain KAPSARC models and develop model data tools
    o Collaborate with researchers to understand developed models and their data flows
    o Maintain models and showcase model scenario and output on Web
    o Configure web data portal with right metadata for easy access
  • Improve data quality of public datasets: Expertise related to one of the below areas
    o Climate or Energy or Economics
    o Industrial Development (Manufacturing, Local Content, Technology, Employment etc.)
    o Urban Infrastructure and Transport (Land use, Transit network, Power distribution etc.)
  • Design, develop, conduct analysis, build and apply appropriate tools to manage data pipelines/flows.
  • Expert in scripting, database, extract-transform-load (ETL), data streams, visualization, indicator change alerts, predictive analytics and publish data insights.
  • Ability to develop, model and maintain large datasets (100M records and thousands of datasets).
  • Expertise in open-source big data stack Python, PostGres, Pentaho, Airflow, Nifi, NoSQL, AWS, Jenkins and Docker.
  • Data analysis/modeling tools Opendatasoft, Knoema, GAMS/Eviews/Matlab, Dataiku, Sisense, Tableau, Scilab, R.
  • Programming exposure using Java, JavaScript (NodeJS), Angular, Reactjs, CSS, Html.
  • Ability to write data insight papers narrating data trend changes on key indicators.

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