• Initiative Future of Transport and Fuel Demand Future of Transport and Fuel Demand
  • Type Workshop
  • Date 10 November 2015

Expanding the Reach of Alternative and Fuel Efficient Vehicles

KAPSARC’s Drivers of Transportation Fuel Demand: Is Policy Expanding the Reach of Alternative and Fuel Efficient Vehicles? workshop was held on Monday, November 9, 2015 at KAPSARC’s research center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

There have been significant improvements in the fuel economy of internal combustion engine passenger cars and ongoing international efforts promoting the development and uptake of alternative technology vehicles. However, in many countries, year-on-year growth in adoption of these vehicles still relies on strong policy support. Substantial uncertainty remains as to whether current policies are capable of leading to their stated long term goals as they apply to environmental protection, energy security and economic competitiveness. The challenge of creating a self-sustaining market for alternative and highly fuel-efficient vehicles remains.

The workshop focused on how policy support measures are impacting the development and uptake of alternative fuel and high efficiency technologies, and discussed current transport policy developments in the Middle East, China, Europe, and the U.S. It examined:

  • Experiences to date with incentives and mandates on vehicle purchases
  • Lessons learned from relevant programs, especially as some expire
  • How industry innovation is influenced by fuel economy standards and technology-specific support to RD&D

In addition, KAPSARC contributed its research on understanding the market potential of EVs.

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