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OpenKAPSARC / KAPSARC India Renewable Energy Policy Atlas

KAPSARC India Renewable Energy Policy Atlas


We have developed a web-based energy policy reference tool that systematically describes energy sector policies. As a variety of policies are adopted by governments that employ different mechanisms to achieve a multitude of goals, their purpose and content must be understood by those who may be directly affected by these policies. This tool, which is also of use to researchers, is intended to facilitate a better understanding of policy instruments and to track the evolution of policies from draft to enactment around the world.

KAPSARC has released part of this research in a Renewable Energy Policy Atlas that provides specific state and national level coverage of policies in India. The Atlas presents a policy landscape using large numbers of policy design elements that are relevant in different geographies to gain holistic insights of policy frameworks and make comparisons. Each policy design element is provided with a comprehensive description in the context of India and is intended to improve the understanding of the subject at national and state levels.

Atlas Navigation

The Renewable Energy Policy Atlas allows you to explore the policies in three ways:



Policy Measures

This view allows you to explore and gain understanding of the various policy instruments.

Policy Summary

This view allows you to create a customized summary of policy measures.

Policy Comparison

This view enables you to compare policy incentives and other support measures.

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