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Research / Social and Environmental Spillovers of Energy Policy Choices / Natural Resource-led Development in New Producing Countries

Natural Resource-led Development in New Producing Countries


Coal mining

Our project seeks to understand how natural resource extraction can drive inclusive economic growth in new producing countries. We are engaged in a multi-year multidisciplinary study with four objectives:


We recognize that policymaking in new producing countries is a complex process, and our project also seeks to understand the interactions of actors’ interests that drive energy sector policies.

Our initial focus is on four countries – Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda – that expect to develop significant oil and gas reserves in the next 5-7 years. Through natural resource development, these countries hope to achieve middle-income economic status by 2030-2040. This project is conducted through close collaboration with leading think tanks and NGOs in Africa.



A Local Content Decision Tree for Emerging Producers, by KAPSARC researcher Roger Tissot, with Valerie Marcel (Chatham House), Anthony Paul, and Ekpen Omonbude.

This paper was published by Chatham House through the New Producers Discussion Group. It seeks to present policymakers of emerging producer countries with a structured framework for considering the multiple factors that come into play in the development of a local content policy.

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