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Energy Systems Modeling

This workshop series brings together experts from the private and public sectors, regulatory bodies, international institutions, academia, and research think-tanks to discuss the role of energy systems models in analyzing and formulating energy policies.

Topics are both technical and policy-relevant. Workshops in this series have focused on timely themes such as the role of government interventions in energy systems and economies; the complex interactions of coal markets; and the challenges and opportunities for integrating regional energy economies of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Insights from these workshops allow for an exchange of ideas and help develop a common understanding of what economic and policy questions models can answer, their limitations and strengths, and avenues for future collaboration in collecting data, implementing new methodological approaches, or developing scenarios to investigate. This is accomplished by fostering dialogue between both the creators and consumers of models in order to yield more valuable insights.

Latest Workshop

Fostering Dialogue Between Policymakers, Economists and Modelers in KSA
The workshop will bring together key individuals and institutions to shed light on the capabilities and limitations of existing models in the Kingdom. New oil price environment and a new policy agenda to reform, diversify and grow the Saudi economy have emphasized the need to utilize available modeling capabilities in the Kingdom. Different modeling groups have been operating to assess the impact of alternative policies on the economy. Each model has strengths and weaknesses so that a strategy of using multiple models where economists and modelers share knowledge and data would potentially provide the greatest insights for the kingdom. Furthermore, due to the cost and complexity associated with building and maintaining models, it is essential to maintain close cooperation between policymakers, economists, and modelers. The goal of this workshop is to leverage their different perspectives, discuss emerging policy questions and potential modeling gaps, and build relationships that last beyond the workshop.
23 January 2018
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