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Energy Transitions

The objective of the Renewable Energy Workshops is to understand the role of policy design in expediting the adoption of renewable energy in a cost-effective manner and promoting the growth of new industries. In line with this objective, a wide range of policy instruments, designed and implemented to promote renewable energy, are being assessed. Furthermore, the workshops take a holistic approach by analyzing how the competitive dynamics between renewable technologies and incumbent technologies.

Upcoming Workshop

The idea that CO2-EOR could deliver a material environmental benefit – particularly through CO2 storage – and be rewarded for that benefit is relatively recent. To deliver an unambiguous climate benefit, however, EOR practices would need to be modified to enhance CO2 storage beyond what is achieved with present day practice. In addition, monitoring of the stored CO2 is required to ensure its long-term containment in the storage reservoir. Given the unique promise of CO2-EOR, there is a need for further work to explore the means to enhance the climate benefit of CO2-EOR and better assess the benefits and constraints of CO2-EOR on regional scales.

The workshop aims to bring together a small group of experts to contribute to the body of knowledge on CO2-EOR in the following areas:

(a) Techno-economics: with industry focus on using CO2-EOR to maximize oil production, systematic information on the technical aspects related to increasing CO2 storage is in short supply.

(b) Environmental benefits: CO2-EOR results in CO2 storage, but use of the incremental oil produced through CO2-EOR causes CO2 emissions. Thus, the emissions' reductions can only be understood by looking at the full lifecycle.

(c) Policy incentives: while CO2-EOR for the purpose of enhancing oil recovery is a mature technology, CO2-EOR for the purpose of storing CO2 qualifies as an emerging technology.

(d) Carbon markets and CO2 supply price formation: the economic viability of EOR projects is crucially dependent on the CO2 supply price, which in turn is the result of carbon policy, the available CO2 transportation infrastructure, and the structure of the CO2 supply market.
10 October 2017
Washington, DC, United States
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