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Energy Transitions

The objective of the Renewable Energy Workshops is to understand the role of policy design in expediting the adoption of renewable energy in a cost-effective manner and promoting the growth of new industries. In line with this objective, a wide range of policy instruments, designed and implemented to promote renewable energy, are being assessed. Furthermore, the workshops take a holistic approach by analyzing how the competitive dynamics between renewable technologies and incumbent technologies.

Latest Workshop

The Role of Oil Through the Low Carbon Energy Transition
This workshop, held in partnership with the Clingendael International Energy Program, is one in a series of workshops to inform research into the role of fossil fuels through the transition to a low carbon future. Key questions for the workshop include whether there really is a need for a transition away from oil and how we can achieve carbon emission targets at least cost? What is the range of macroeconomic adaptation strategies? How will producer/consumer relationships be affected? Is there a great reconfiguration in the future for refining, chemicals and energy intensive industries? Innovative strategies for minimizing the loss of social welfare resulting from climate mitigation strategies will be required if binding targets are to be met without free riders. We have constructed a Global Energy Transition ‘War Game’ to be used as a tool through the series of workshops. This will provide insight into the areas that require more research to inform the debate.
19 - 20, April 2017
The Hague
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