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The Future of Mobility

The workshop series “The Future of Mobility” provides a forum for discussing key sustainability issues in transportation and current policy strategies to address them. In particular, much emphasis is placed on the adoption of fuel-efficient and alternative-fuel vehicles for road transportation, innovation in fuel and vehicle technology mixes and the shift from road to other modes of transportation.


Upcoming Workshop

Future of Personal Mobility
Transportation, including passenger and goods movement, accounts for nearly 14 percent of global GHG emissions, around 40 percent of which come from personal cars and trucks. To reduce GHG emissions from personal vehicles, policymakers have employed various supply- and demand-side policies such as fuel economy standards, greenhouse gas emissions standards, zero-emission vehicle mandates, fuel taxes, financial and non-financial incentives, among others. Optimizing such policies to achieve GHG emissions reduction targets, while ensuring sustainable economic development and minimal unintended societal consequences, is of paramount importance.

The workshop will discuss:
1) Macroeconomic and societal impacts of fuel economy standards.
2) Designing effective clean vehicle policies.
3) Optimal strategies for complying with long-term GHG emissions reduction goals.
4) Beyond clean vehicle policies for achieving cost-effective deep decarbonization of the transportation sector.
13 December 2017
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