KAPSARC has established a unique award dedicated to the Arabic language, aiming to inspire researchers, creators, and writers to enhance Arabic content with their expertise, talent, and ideas. This initiative encourages participants to strive for excellence, with the top achievers to be recognized on World Arabic Language Day, which is celebrated on December 18.

Arabic Award 2024

In its third round, the award now aims to reach a wider audience, offering them an opportunity to bring out, disseminate, and celebrate their creativity. This year, the award targets employees within the Saudi energy ecosystem, as well as academics and postgraduates at Saudi universities. Additionally, through the enrichment track, the award will attract authors and translators who are citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia.



To promote scientific writing in Arabic


To enrich written Arabic content focused on energy, economy, and the environment


To support creators working in the energy sector

General Rules

  1. Submissions must be originally written in Arabic and not translated.
  2. Participants must adhere to Arabic language grammar, terminology, and punctuation rules.
  3. Submissions must be the participant’s own work.
  4. Participants must adhere to the predefined topic.
  5. Team participation is allowed, provided that the maximum number of participants is three, all of whom must be Arabic speakers.
  6. Submitted work must be exclusive to the competition and have never been published.
  7. A list of sources and references must be provided.
  8. Submissions must be in Microsoft Word Format.
  9. Submissions must be sent from the official email of the participant’s organization or university.
  10. Participants may only compete in one track and submit one piece of work.
  11. Participants must meet the specific requirements of the competition category; submissions not meeting these requirements will be excluded.
  12. Participants must ensure proper formatting of the file, including the font type and clarity, following the provided template on the website.
  13. The use of artificial intelligence tools is prohibited.



Who is eligible for participation?
Employees of King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, the Saudi Energy Ecosystem, as well as academics and postgraduates at the Saudi universities.
What is the Enrichment Category and who is eligible to participate in it?
It is a special category for authors and translators in Saudi Arabia, aiming to showcase distinguished books that contribute to enriching our Arabic library. Authors and translators who have written or translated books in the energy field are eligible to participate in this category, provided that they meet the conditions of the tracks. The subject of the book is not required to be about the theme of this year's competition, but it must be related to energy, economics, and the environment.
What is Energy Ecosystem?
The energy ecosystem comprises employees working in various entities, including the Ministry of Energy, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, Saudi Energy Efficiency Center, Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission, Oil Sustainability Program, Energy and Water Price Reforms Executive Committee, The Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority, and the Clean Development Mechanism Designated National Authority.
What is the mechanism for selecting the winners?
Winners are selected based on criteria developed by the award committee. Submissions are evaluated by experts in Arabic language, translation, energy, and economics.
What file formats are required?
For Article Writing and Summary Translation of the Book, Word format is acceptable. For the Enrichment category, PDF is acceptable.
What is the application process?
In August, a Submission link will be posted on the KAPSARC website and its social media accounts. We recommend following updates regularly.
How can I communicate with the Award management?
You can contact the award management via email at arabic.award@KAPSARC.org.
Can I send the document via postal mail?
No, submissions are only accepted through the official submission link and not through any other means.
How can I ensure that my document has been received?
A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email once your document is received.
Can I participate in more than one track?
Participants are only allowed to participate in one track, and they are not allowed to combine individual participation with team participation.