KAPSARC has created a special award for the Arabic language, to encourage researchers, creators, and writers to enrich Arabic content. They can compete for the first ranking and be honored on the World Arabic Language Day, December 18 every year.


Arabic Award 2022

The first session of the award, held last year, was for KAPSARC employees. It was crowned with success and highlighted a group of creators who contributed to the enrichment of Arabic by participating in the four categories: writing an article, writing social media posts, translating an article, and translating a research paper.



Arabic Award 2023

In the second session, we are targeting a broader audience segment to open the way for creators from the Saudi Energy Ecosystem to add to their experiences and creativity. Additionally, they stand a chance to win one of the valuable prizes on offer.

Tracks and Categories

General Conditions

  1. The entries must initially be written in Arabic.
  2. Commitment to Modern Standard Arabic (Fuṣḥā) and Arabic terminology.
  3. The content should be authentic.
  4. The content must be focused on the selected topic.
  5. Teams may participate, with no more than three people in one team.
  6. Submissions must be written for the award and not previously published.
  7. Submissions must be in PDF or MS Word format.
  8. Participants cannot compete in more than one category nor submit more than one entry.
  9. Submissions must meet the conditions of their respective categories. Entries that do not adhere to the conditions will be excluded.
  10. The use of AI tools is prohibited.






 Who is the target audience?
The Saudi Energy Ecosystem.
 How are the winners selected?
Winners are selected based on criteria developed by experts in the award field.
What is the format of the submission form?
Please submit your entries in PDF or Word format.
How can I apply?
Please visit the link to apply. Any application submitted elsewhere will not be considered.