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Job Description

A creative, highly motivated, and entrepreneurial events and conferences manger to manage and handle all work related to KAPSARC’s events and conferences, helping to plan, determine, develop required activities, applications and direction including scopes of work, contracting external agencies to perform KAPSARC’s required and planned activities.
Based on his/her experience of producing similar high-quality events, the manger will lead KAPSARC in its events and conferences on the best delivery plan for ensuring a world-class event.

Required qualifications

  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree in relevant field: marketing, engineering, event management.


  • 10+/year’s conference production experience with same nature of Energy and Economy conferences or related content.
  • Focus is on events in the Energy and Economics sector so experience or knowledge of such is highly desirable, but not more important than production experience.
  • Experience of successfully creating and producing a series of annual events within a fast-paced commercial conference company.
  • Familiarity with the digital world, from community and content marketing through to ‘digital first’ events, with an interest in building this into event offering.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, relationship and project management skills.
  • Strong teamwork player with high ability to work and cooperate with others.
  • Leadership skills to lead and guide team members through different situations.
  • Creativity, excellence and empowerment skills.
  • Communicates and resolves problems effectively and in a timely manner with all related parties including clients and event organizers.
  • High ability to foster and lead teams at all events stages.
  • Proven customer service interpersonal/human relations skills.
  • High level of Arabic/English verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to relate effectively with institutional personnel and the public.
  • Time flexibility to work after official working hours as needed to manage events and conferences.
  • To help set the center’s events strategies and build the center’s annual plan, and identifying required resources.
  • To develop a full events plan starting from objectives and activities then create scope of work detailing all services and requirements.
  • To develop and coordinate all required contracting processes and activities for events including contacts with a wide array of vendors to ensure consistent delivery of needed goods and services for conference and event programs.
  • To translate scope of work to detailed action plans (activities, schedule, resources, and delivery).
  • To develop events budget and related cost estimates.
  • To review and approve technical submittals of event management and conference producers.
  • To manage events time schedule and action list with trackers.
  • To manage event management agents and conference producers during the preparation and on site and follow up on a timely basis.
  • To control all required execution work on site maintaining high level of quality and safety standards.
  • To develop all required on ground and crowd management activities including meet and greet, registration, monitoring, and others.
  • To understand the complex needs of different events, and diverse clients, ensuring all operations related to the Protocol department are executed with precision and excellence.
  • To maintain a working relationship with vendors, stakeholders, and venues in coordination with other KAPSARC department representatives and service providers.
  • To plan and manage business events including workshops, seminars, conferences, and public events based on the global events standards following the center and department procedures.
  • To manage organizing all visits to KAPSARC, including VIP and high-profile, with all required planning, management, and coordination based on the department and the center procedures.
  • To develop and manage external events contracts include bidding, financial payment, supervision, and execution as per the center and department procedures.
  • To manage and oversee events on the day of, including problem-solving, welcoming guests, directing event set-up, communicating with staff, and organizing vendors.
  • To work closely with all center departments to develop and implement policies and procedures related to conference services; assessment of health and safety and related risk issues.
  • To work closely with the Facilities Management staff to ensure appearance and cleanliness of the space is appropriate to the client.
  • To serve as a liaison between the conference staff and the service/support departments to ensure success of the conference.
  • To ensure that all events comply with all government regulations and center’s policies and procedures.
  • To lead and manage the events and workshop team within KAPSARC.
  • to manage KAPSARC participation at any external exhibitions or fairs within Energy ecosystem or other, including developing the participation strategy, content development, booth design, on ground logistic requirement, messaging, and representatives.

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