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Job Description

The Portfolio Management Specialist is responsible for assisting the PMO Head within the Research department in developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives and objectives. This role will require someone with a mixture of technical and soft skills. The role entails a strong strategic and analytical orientation coupled with excellent communication and people skills.

Required qualifications

  • Graduate degree (Bachelor’s) in Business Administration or a similar field, postgraduate degree preferred.


  • Experience in strategic planning & strategic performance management or a comparable area, preferably in a consulting firm.
  • KPI and strategy execution training/certification
  • Coordinate and communicate strategic plans and initiatives to create synergies and cascade down the relevant strategic objectives.
    Analyse Balanced Scorecard (BSC) indicators and results to determine whether current initiatives performance meets the research strategic objectives.
    Coordinate and track the execution of strategic initiatives through the development of work plans, gathering & consolidating data, performing analyses, and provide feasible short and long-term strategic recommendations.
    Create weekly, quarterly, and annual strategy performance reports.
    Design and implement strategic methods and business processes to contribute effectively to the success of the department.
    Work with the PMO Head and stakeholders to evaluate the overall performance against pre-defined targets and make necessary adjustments in an iterative way.
    Support the development, administration and use of strategy management information systems.

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