• Date 30 May 2023
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KAPSARC hosted a workshop on May 30, 2023, in collaboration with the University of Antwerp. As Saudi Arabia continues to diversify its economy, as part of its Vision 2030 plans, a key element is to transform the country into a mobility hub by developing the transport and logistics sector. This is done while keeping in mind KSA commitments to reducing its carbon emissions and reaching its climate targets.

This workshop touched on three key areas by focusing on land, air and sea transportation, looking specifically at technological advancements, infrastructural developments, and how the future of the supply chain will develop.

In this context, the workshop participants explored topics such as the role of technology in shaping the future of long-haul transport from different modal perspectives and understanding how decarbonization and climate thresholds can be achieved in these hard-to-abate sectors. With the rise in extreme events, whether natural or man-made, how can resilience in the supply chain and infrastructure of long-haul transport meet an uncertain future? Finally, how will these changes translate to Saudi Arabia’s ambitions of becoming a global logistics hub? These questions, and many others, were tackled during the discussion.


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