• Date 24 November 2021
  • Time 3:00 p.m.-5:10 p.m. (Riyadh - GMT+3)
  • Language English


Machine readable energy, economics and climate data is feedstock for energy models and research to derive policy insights. As value of data is increasing significantly, data flow and model management tools need further advancement. In this workshop we will discuss how to advance best practices of data and energy models management. We will address the challenges around open data availability, usability and discuss the best way to acquire, manage and feed energy models that provide valuable insights for policymakers. We will discuss a future state blueprint of a data ecosystem that provides data access at granular and aggregate levels, enabling researchers and modelers with data and tools to model, compare, calibrate, crosswalk and integrate with models’ input and output.

Workshop sessions will focus on open data, models and tools available across international organisations and national jurisdictions and examine:

  • Availability of data sources and new tools to acquire data. How to support domestic policymakers, economists and analysts who need regular, up-to-date, and detailed time series data to understand and evaluate policy options and pathways.
  • Demonstration of Mini KGEMM as an economic model developed by KAPSARC and its role of supplying insights, policy choices and simulations to effectively achieve Vision 2030 goals, highlighting the importance of granular time series data to drive economic models.
  • Review KAPSARC approach in designing data pipelines, and policy scenario webtools architecture.


Fahad Alajlan

Fahad Alajlan

KAPSARC President

Alhosain, Sadeem

Sadeem Alhosain

Research Associate

Anwar Hammad

Anwar Hammad

Chief of Staff, General Authority for Statistics

Hasanov, Fakhri

Fakhri Hasanov

Senior Fellow I

Dr. Konrad Pesendorfer

Dr. Konrad Pesendorfer

General Authority for Statistics

Timothy Sehn

Timothy Sehn

CEO, DoltHub

Shetty, Pavithra Kumar

Pavithra Kumar Shetty

Senior Web Developer

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