• Date 9 April 2019
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The Paris Agreement provides new avenues to incentivize the international deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. In order to explore some related options in more detail, KAPSARC is hosting an expert workshop on April 9-10, 2019 at the center’s campus in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The meeting will bring together a wide range of international stakeholders and aims to serve as a platform for exploring opportunities for mutually beneficial actions on CCS policy and mechanisms under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. The two-day workshop will be structured around a recent proposal by KAPSARC for a new CCS ‘club’ and related crediting scheme specific to the geological storage of carbon.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to share information and solicit feedback on KAPSARC’s proposal with key stakeholders and decision makers and to gain wider inputs into the proposed CCS club project.


Heidug, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Heidug

Senior Research Fellow

Zakkour, Paul

Paul Zakkour

Visiting Researcher

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