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Upcoming workshop to focus on transitioning energy markets

10 January 2017

Energy Landscape

Unwinding Regulations to achieve Liberalized Energy Markets – Lessons Learned, Alternative Paths, and Future Perspectives will bring together key experts to share their insights on lessons learned from transitioned and transitioning markets and to look into future perspectives.

This energy systems modeling workshop will be held on January 11, 2017 at the KAPSARC campus in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Regulatory reforms often induce results other than intended or foreseen, necessitating continuous adjustment in energy markets to deal with divergence of actual and planned outcomes. Some countries have navigated through the transition to using markets for providing energy more efficiently, while others are still initiating a transition. The workshop seeks to codify lessons learned from countries that have made the transition to markets; to understand experiences of countries in process of liberalizing their markets; to identify challenges facing countries embarking on reform; and to comprehend the impact of environmental policies on energy markets.

A summary briefing reflecting, on a non-attribution basis, the insights of the workshop participants and key conclusions of the discussion will subsequently be published on KAPSARC’s website.

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