Tailored analysis and solutions to support local stakeholders

KAPSARC Advisory is the gateway toward customized studies, analysis, and solutions that help tackle some of the key challenges facing stakeholders in the energy sector of Saudi Arabia.

We aim to be the partner of choice to our local stakeholders, by delivering impactful services and solutions that build on the Center’s thought leadership, expertise, solutions, and partnerships.

And through a culture that adopts excellence, teamwork, and mentorship at its core, we strive to create the environment that enables our team to grow professionally and personally.

Our offerings

KAPSARC Advisory delivers a wide range of service offerings by adopting a unique, cross-functional, multidisciplinary approach together with our experts from Knowledge & Analysis.

These offerings fall within the Center’s areas of expertise, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Policy analysis
  • Impact studies
  • Benchmarks
  • Strategy development
  • Market analysis
  • Development of models, tools, and platforms

Our areas of expertise

  • Upstream oil and gas
  • Transportation
  • Petrochemicals
  • Industrial demand
  • Thermal electricity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Hydrogen
  • CCUS
  • Energy storage
  • Nature-Based Solutions
  • Carbon management
  • Sustainability
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Political economy


Modeling and simulation:

Using its tailored models, KAPSARC Advisory offers clients the ability to conduct varied policy and scenario analyses to help evaluate the potential impact of policy options and specific scenario assumptions, such as:

  • The impact of changing energy supply and demand scenarios.
  • The impact of different energy technologies and fuel mix.
  • The impact of changing macroeconomic indicators.
  • The impact of energy price changes.
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Techno-economic analysis:

Leveraging its models, methods and tools, subject matter experts, and various data sources, KAPSARC Advisory can assist stakeholders in conducting techno-economic analysis and project feasibility studies on various topics in the energy sector, such as:

  • Renewable energy technologies, including distributed generation.
  • Power generation technologies.
  • Energy efficiency technologies.
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Energy efficiency solutions:

KAPSARC has models and tools specifically developed to assist the building sector in evaluating energy efficiency improvement potential and optimized solutions. Combined with strong subject matter expertise, KAPSARC Advisory can support stakeholders with initiatives such as:

  • Evaluating energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Identifying specific efficiency measures and technologies.
  • Improving building energy efficiency.
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