• Episode number 03
  • Duration 18:36
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  • Date 30th July 2019


A third of the population of the world is affected by water scarcity. Countries with dry climates, such as Saudi Arabia and other GCC member states, consume a lot of energy to desalinate water in order to keep up with the demand. Dr. Nourah Mansouri, Senior Research Associate in the Energy Transitions and Electric Power program, provides some insight on water management and water scarcity in the region.


Noura Mansouri

Noura Mansouri Noura's previous postings include post-doctoral research fellow at the mechanical engineering department at MIT, manager of strategy and marketing at…


  • Clean energy transition
  • and energy technology innovation and renewables integration in the electricity grid


Nawaz Peerbocus

Nawaz Peerbocus Nawaz is the program director for Energy Transitions and Electric Power. Before joining KAPSARC, he was chief economist at the…


  • تحولات الطاقة والطاقة الكهربائية

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