• Focus Area Future of Transport and Fuel Demand Future of Transport and Fuel Demand
  • Type Workshop brief
  • Date 1 June 2018


Over the last decade, India and China have become leading consumers of energy, especially oil, with freight transportation accounting for a large portion. The growth in total transport energy use is directly correlated with the fast-paced urbanization and industrialization of these two economies. The impact of this road-transport growth has seriously degraded the urban air quality and increased congestion and accidents in cities. In response, a keystone strategy being explored by both countries is to use dedicated infrastructure investments to shift freight movement from road to other modes of transport, including rail. At the same time, road-based transport is becoming increasingly energy efficient, has policy support and retains its door-to-door delivery advantage.

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24 Jul

China’s Policy Drivers of Future Energy Demand

KAPSARC and the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission convened this workshop to finalize a report and present for discussion key issues identified in their research into how industrial energy efficiency and structural diversification is helping to achieve China and Saudi Arabia’s sustainable development goals.

15 Nov


The workshop series “The Future of Mobility” provides a forum for discussing key sustainability issues in transportation and current policy strategies to address them. In particular, much emphasis is placed on the adoption of fuel-efficient and alternative-fuel vehicles for road transportation, innovation in fuel and vehicle technology mixes and the shift from road to other […]

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