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China is faced with a number of challenges, and reforms are needed. As the predominant energy consumer in the world; the pace, focus, and scope of Chinese reform has a major impact on global energy markets. The goal of this research project is to improve understanding of the context of China’s energy economy and decision making process, especially as it relates to the current and future reforms of their energy sector. We are interested both in the domestic processes of reform and their implication, as well as the global consequences of China’s actions.

The focus of our work has been on the progress of Chinese reform of their energy sector. This research covers questions related to the role of State Owned Enterprise in the energy sector; how energy sector reforms fit into the overall portfolio and priorities of the Chinese polity; and case studies on the evolution of local policy reforms. As part of this effort, the KAPSARC team has endeavored to create a platform that systematically gathers and codifies the energy policy instruments applied within China, particularly within the coal industry. This body of work seeks provide insight into the policy making process of energy in China, how policies are changing, and setting the foundation for studies that look at the impact of policy changes on domestic and global markets.


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