Project Aim

The proposed project seeks to generate knowledge by developing Technology Roadmaps (TRMs), which are at the inter-disciplinary intersection of three subject domains, (1) energy technologies, which underpin the circular carbon economy (CCE) framework and enable the transition toward net-zero (2) climate policies, which are the levers to expediting and managing the energy transition; and (3) sustainability, which provides the oversight and direction of the energy.

The project is of a multi-year timeline aiming to develop TRMs for priority technologies for the Kingdom to assist in policymaking of climate change policies, to accelerate investment, pace, scale and consensus-building for technology development for meeting climate targets, and to enable a smooth energy transition.

The current proposal focuses on the first phase of the project – Developing the Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Technology Roadmap.

Subsequent priority technologies will be identified as the project progresses and priorities are assessed.

The project seeks to conduct a techno-economic analysis of energy technology innovations for developing TRMs for advancing the global CCE, with a focus for the first phase on CCUS.

Key questions

  • Where are we in the technology of CCUS?
  • What are the current projects?
  • What are the current applications of CCUS, including chemical absorption of CO2 from ammonia production and natural gas processing, CO2 use in the production of fertiliser (urea), and transport and injection of CO2 for EOR.
  • What’s the potential for carbon circularity and neutrality?
  • What are the costs of CCUS?
  • What are the associated risks and benefits of CCUS?
  • How can we accelerate deployment of CCUS?
  • What are the technology prospects in the near future?

Project Lead

Noura Mansouri

Noura Mansouri


Fateh Belaïd

Fateh Belaïd

Fellow II

AlJawhara Al Quayid

AlJawhara Al Quayid

Senior Research Associate

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