Diversity and inclusion

We take pride in diversity and inclusion and believe that, through diverse experiences and expert knowledge, we can create a work environment that fosters innovation and ingenuity.

We believe in embracing the voices and perspectives of KAPSARC’s distinctive community irrespective of gender or nationality.

Learning and development

Our experts are continuously absorbing new information that helps them to generate innovative ideas and discoveries. We are committed to producing pioneering scientific research by providing opportunities for our people to develop and enhance their skill sets.

KAPSARC Community

Our Facilites

Indoor Swimming
Arts & Crafts
Bowling Alley
Barber Shop
Dining Hall
Lulu Market
Mini Golf

Residential Life

Our unique and modern Community provides first-class accommodation with spacious villas and apartments for families and individuals. Our living spaces are designed to inspire a convenient lifestyle within easy reach of the Research and Office Complex.

Our intention is to make a positive impact on our residents’ work-life balance and to promote a family-friendly living, working and social environment.

Community Life

Our diverse community makes KAPSARC an extraordinary place to live and work. We host a number of events and offer a wide variety of recreational activities for both adults and children.

Our facilities include swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, squash courts and mini golf. We promote and encourage healthy, positive lifestyle choices for individuals and families.

At KAPSARC we present you with the opportunity and support to achieve your goals.

Together, we can contribute to future-orientated and humanity-enhancing solutions.

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