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We inspire a culture of excellence through enriching and collaborative research with the purpose of improving the welfare of humanity.

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Rolando Fuentes

Research Fellow, Energy Transitions and Electric Power

"KAPSARC has given me the opportunity to apply my training in economics to address some of the most important global issues relating to energy transitions. My time at KAPSARC has been intellectually challenging, stimulating and very enjoyable. All in all, I consider myself lucky to have worked with some of the best professionals in the field."

Mesheal Al Omari

Project Management Lead

"As a career-oriented individual and a dedicated parent, I never thought I would secure a job that not only satisfies my career aspirations but also presents the opportunity to excel further. I work with world subject matter experts and scientists, which provides a great opportunity for learning. Working at KAPSARC in the IT Department, which champions innovation, has empowered me to continually improve my skills."

Nader Alkatheri

Nader Alkatheri

Senior Research Associate, Energy and Macroeconomics

"At KAPSARC, we conduct energy economics research and develop economic models to gain insights about the efficient use of energy resources for sustainable development. Working at KAPSARC has taught me not only to perform high caliber research, but also to work with stakeholders to maximize the positive societal impact of our research outputs."

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KAPSARC is searching for open-minded freethinkers who are able to generate a range of innovative ideas. Combine your talent with our resources and together we can contribute to future-orientated and humanity-enhancing solutions.

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يطيب لنا في #كابسارك أن نهنئكم بحلول شهر رمضان المبارك. أدام الله عليكم وعلى أحبائكم نعمة الصحة والأمن والأمان. !The #KAPSARC family wishes you all a happy Ramadan .May this month bring immense joy to you and your families https://t.co/Hacvnd5wVH

15:59 - April 12, 2021
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This study from #KAPSARC looks into the possible effects of real-time electricity pricing on the power generation sector operations in Saudi Arabia. Explore the effects of a real-time electricity pricing scheme in the context of liberalized fuel prices.

13:00 - April 12, 2021
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يقدم هذا التعليق تفصيل تطور الطلب على الكهرباء في المملكة خلال العقود الخمس الماضية، ويهدف إلى وضع الأسس لدراسة مستقبلية ستتوقع الطلب على الكهرباء في شتى القطاعات حتى عام 2030م. فلنتتبع معًا نمو هذا القطاع السريع والتغيرات التي شهدها الطلب على الكهرباء.

10:00 - April 12, 2021
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#KAPSARC president @Adam_Sieminski speaking to @CNBC about the role of #OPEC and the opportunities for conversation in setting the #Oil prices. رئيس #كابسارك آدم سيمنيسكي يتحدث عن دور #اوبك والفرص التي تتيحها المحادثات في تحديد أسعار #النفط. https://cnb.cx/2Xuk8xn
1 Months, 11 Days Ago 42 Likes
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شارك #كابسارك كشريك معرفي في الندوة التاسعة لمنتدى الطاقة الدولي، والتي ينظمها بالتنسيق مع #اوبك وكالة الطاقة الدولية لمناقشة مستقبل #الطاقة، حيث أدار رئيس المركز جلسة بعنوان “وجهات النظر حول آفاق مستقبل الطاقة بين صنّاع القرار والخبراء على المدى القصير والمتوسط والطويل”
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#kapsarc participated as a knowledge partner at the 9th #IEA #IEF #OPEC Symposium on #Energy Outlooks. As KAPSARC President @Adam_Sieminski moderated a session entitled “Key Stakeholder and Industry Views on Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term Energy Outlooks”.
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