We are delighted to announce the launch of the Postdoctoral Program. This unique program has been carefully designed with the aim of fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, our rotational approach allows postdoctoral researchers to broaden their horizons and explore diverse areas of study.

The program is designed to support postdoctoral researchers in conducting high-quality and innovative research in the field of energy economics, policy, and ecosystem sustainability.

Postdoctoral Program Overview

Research Focus Areas
The program will encompass a wide range of research, including energy economics, climate environment, transport, utilities, renewable energy, oil and gas, and energy sustainability. During the Program, Postdoctoral researchers will conduct   empirical, evidence-based, and policy-oriented research and analysis.

Professional Development
The program will provide various professional development opportunities, including training workshops, and seminars aimed at enhancing postdoctoral research skills, publishing expertise, and policy advocacy abilities. Postdoctoral researchers will also receive constructive feedback and support to strengthen their academic writing and presentation skills.

Cultivate Future Leaders
The program aims to cultivate a new generation of thought leaders and experts in the broad area of energy policy. The postdoctoral program encourages them to take on permanent roles within the organization, develop mentoring skills, and aim for long-term professional success in consulting and research.

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  1. Contribute to the development of economic models and methodologies to better understand the complex dynamics of energy systems.
  2. Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of researchers.
  3. Conduct in-depth research on energy economics topics, including analyzing and modeling energy markets, conducting cost-benefit analysis of energy projects, and assessing the impact of policy interventions and the overall economy.
  4. Publish KAPSARC papers, Journal papers, and make presentations at conferences and workshops.
  5. Participate in collaborative discussions and contribute to the intellectual environment of the research group.

Applicants Criteria​

  1. Applicants should have recently obtained or be close to obtaining a Ph.D. in Energy Economics, Public Policy, Sustainability, Environmental Science, Engineering, or related fields.
  2. Strong knowledge is required in one or more of KAPSARC’s areas of research including energy policy, oil and gas markets, economics, renewables, transportation, climate, and sustainability.
  3. Demonstrated expertise in independent research, quantitative methods, qualitative methods, and hybrid methods, and/or relevant software tools and datasets.
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills for effective collaboration within a multidisciplinary team.


Selection Process

Knowledge and Analysis Program ​

Postdoctoral Program Benefits

  1. Two-year contract​
  2. Monthly basic allowance 22,000 SAR ​
  3. Transportation allowance ​as per KAPSARC’s policy
  4. Children’s education allowance as per KAPSARC’s policy
  5. Furnished housing or housing allowance as per KAPSARC’s policy
  6. Medical insurance for the postdoctoral researcher and their family (spouse and children)
  7. An annual leave of 24 work days
  8. Conference attendance opportunities
  9. ​Relocation allowance as per KAPSARC’s policy