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Job Description

The Director of Strategic Partnerships is the manager of the new Strategic Partnerships department, reporting to the President of KAPSARC. The Director will maintain a cross-functional role to facilitate outreach and engagement for KAPSARC, working across departments to ensure a synchronized approach. The Director will work to shift the Center from an ad hoc to a strategic approach to partnerships; formulate a coherent strategy based on geography and topic/theme; and activate, empower, and execute partnerships to support KAPSARC and Saudi Energy Ecosystem priorities.

The Strategic Partnerships department, under the guidance of the Director, will:

  • Enhance KAPSARC’s reputation through association with well-respected organizations and entities
  • Fill gaps in capability and/or knowledge for KAPSARC projects through partnership
  • Provide access and influence for KAPSARC and the Saudi Energy Ecosystem in priority geographies

Required qualifications

  • Advanced degree in a relevant discipline strongly desired.
  • At least 15-20 years of experience that demonstrates competency in the desired knowledge and skillset for the position. Candidates with more significant experience may be considered.
  • Excellent command of the English language (both spoken and written).


  • The position requires a deep understanding of the KAPSARC analytic domains, including energy, energy economics and policy, sustainability and climate, and the geopolitical interrelationship among cross-cutting issues of relevance to the Saudi Energy Ecosystem. The position requires an aptitude for developing and managing relationships among a network of KAPSARC peers and stakeholders, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and globally. Finally, the Director should be able to develop, update, and execute a strategic planning process for KAPSARC outreach and partnership development in support of organizational objectives and strategy.
  • Develop, update, maintain, and execute a holistic, strategic plan for global partnerships and global outreach
  • Maintain a comprehensive picture of the status and progress of partnerships and prospective partners
  • Take the lead on selecting and engaging with potential partnerships, developing relationships, and maintaining established relationships, in conjunction with Knowledge and Analysis (K&A), Consulting, Communications, and other KAPSARC stakeholders

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