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Job Description

KAPSARC seeks a passionate Research Associate to join its Climate and Environment Program. The Research Associate will support research at the intersection of energy, technology, climate, and policy focusing on Saudi Arabia and climate change mitigation more broadly. Key areas include integrated assessment modeling, climate change adaptation and mitigation policies, clean energy technologies, socioeconomics and climate scenarios, and sustainability. Prior experience in integrated assessment modeling, preferably in using the Global Change Analysis Model (GCAM), and prior programming experience in R/Python/C++ are desirable.

Required qualifications

  • Ph.D. Public Policy, Economics, Management Science, Engineering, Operation Research, or a relevant field. A Master’s Degree is acceptable if research maturity in the field is demonstrated given job experience.


  • Experience of working in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.
  • Good communication skills and enthusiastic team player.
  • Knowledge of integrated assessment models, scenarios, and/or international development.
  • General knowledge of energy or environment related projects conducted by international groups and multinationals as well as familiarity with underlying policies and principles used to structure such projects.
  • Additional languages to English are a plus, especially Arabic.
  • Contribute to climate policy research, advisory, modeling, and analysis.
  • Contribute to the development of GCAM-KSA (a tailored version of GCAM where Saudi Arabia is broken as an energy-economic region) and its applications under the CAMP project.
  • Contribute to the development of scenarios that are consistent with the Paris Agreement, nationally determined contributions (NDCs), mid-century strategies (MCS), and net-zero emission pathways both globally and for Saudi Arabia.
  • Develop and maintain analytic models and analysis tools of mitigation policies and climate change impacts for scientific inquiry and decision research, and to support and provide insights into climate change and sustainability related research.
  • Close collaboration with other researchers within the Climate and Environment Program and KAPSARC, along with other collaborating research institutions, government agencies, and decision makers.
  • Effectively communicate analyses and findings to stakeholders through written deliverables
  • Presenting analysis through stakeholder meetings, webcalls, podcasts, and third party conferences where appropriate.

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