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Job Description

KAPSARC seeks a passionate researcher to carry out analysis and research as part of its research program Energy Transitions and Electric Power. The role involves,among other duties, constructing models and developing scenarios on sustainable energy future (nationally, regionally and globally). The candidate should have sound understanding of the evolving trends in global energy transition in terms of energy issues, energy challenges, sustainable energy solutions and their implication son fuel markets, power markets, financial markets and the overall economy. The role also requires competency in the use of tools available for modeling,analysis and evaluation of policies that will effect positive change in the energy landscape.

The successful candidate will contribute to KAPSARC’s objective of ensuring research projects result in high quality and actionable policy options. KAPSARC’s work involves a mix of analytical and policy-oriented research,conducted in a dynamic, multicultural environment by a team of highly qualified and experienced analysts, engineers, planners and economists.

Required qualifications

  • A master’s or Ph.D. degree in economics, energy economics, public policy or a related field.
  • Excellent command of the English language (spoken and written).


  • Previous experience in research and analysis, preferably within a research or international organization.
  • Thorough knowledge of international approaches to energy transition in terms of energy and environmental issues, energy challenges, sustainable energy solutions and their corresponding implications to the energy sector, including power markets.
  • Strong experience of working in evidence-based public policy developments. Competency in the use of tools available for modeling, analysis and evaluation of policies.
  • Strong experience in drafting, editing and producing evidence-based policy papers, working papers, reports and other publications.
  • Strong communication skills, an enthusiastic team player, and excellent time management and problem-solving skills.
  • Lead work on economically efficient policy instruments for incentivizing an energy transition toward a sustainable power generation mix that promotes environmental sustainability.
  • Lead the interdisciplinary analysis encompassing new technologies, policy, regulations, market design, social and management aspects involved in addressing the challenges of energy transitions.
  • Carry out advanced modeling and analyze energy transitions scenarios.
  • Design, conduct and disseminate research through effective communication approaches that meet the needs of stakeholders.

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