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Job Description

The Fellow Gas & Oil Markets will cover developments in the upstream gas industry, including supply and demand analysis. Key areas include an understanding of modeling, economics, trends in development and demand, geopolitics, and an understanding of the full supply chain from production, through transportation via pipeline and LNG, and finally products and consumer behaviour.

Required qualifications

  • Ph.D. in Economics, Econometrics, Engineering, or other energy industry-related field preferred. A master’s degree is acceptable if advisory and applied research maturity in the field is demonstrated given job experience.
  • Education in both economics and engineering preferred.
  • Experience of working in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.
  • Excellent communication skills and enthusiastic team player.


  • Minimum 15 years of experience working in related fields of energy analysis/forecasting.
  • Significant contributions to at least one existing project or has developed models or components of models.
  • Demonstrated evidence of research or research interest within the following fields: Econometrics, oil/gas markets, oil/gas supply/demand, quantifying policy impacts, forecasting models, commodity prices.
  • Experience with other statistical programs (i.e., Stata, E-views, MATLAB, etc). Demonstrated research interest in energy and forecasting (oil markets particularly), economics, policy and/or development and a strong motivation to join KAPSARC.
  • Knowledge in oil markets, energy geopolitics, and forecasting agencies is ideal.
  • Show research interest within the following subjects: energy policies, oil and gas markets, economics, global and Middle Eastern energy market developments, and trade.
  • Good communication skills and enthusiastic team player.
  • Ability to meet deadlines with the expectation of working outside normal hours on occasion.
  • Ability to write reports without the need for editors.
  • Update/develop forecasting models and corresponding reports regularly.
  • Participate in developing/updating components of oil and gas market models.
  • Conduct research in projects & Collect, manage, and analyze data.
  • Assist in evaluating novel approaches to energy-based economic development.
  • Prepare and, if needed, give oral and written presentations at conferences and workshops.
  • Respond in a speedy matter to ad hoc requests.
  • Continue career development through on-the-job training and other means of development.

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