Energy Diplomacy Program

Dates: May 12-14, 2024

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About the program

Energy Diplomacy" is a comprehensive course designed to critically examine the interplay between energy, international relations, and the emerging challenges in cybersecurity and irregular warfare within the energy sector. This course aims to provide students with a deep understanding of global energy dynamics, how they influence diplomacy and geopolitics, and the modern challenges posed by the digitalization of energy infrastructure and the transition to sustainable energy sources.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the Complexities of Global Energy Markets: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of global energy markets, including the roles of key players and the impact of market forces.
  • Analyze Energy Policies and Trade Dynamics: Develop the ability to analyze energy policies and understand their implications for international trade and global economics.
  • Formulate and Evaluate Energy Security Strategies: Learn to formulate comprehensive energy security strategies and critically evaluate their effectiveness in various geopolitical contexts.
  • Assess and Address Environmental Impacts of Energy Use: Understand the environmental impacts of different energy sources and assess the sustainability of various energy policies.
  • Navigate Geopolitical Conflicts Involving Energy Resources: Develop the skills to analyze and navigate complex geopolitical conflicts that involve energy resources.
  • Conduct Energy Intelligence Gathering and Analysis: Acquire the ability to gather and analyze energy intelligence, including understanding the significance of irregular energy warfare and cybersecurity threats.
  • Apply Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Techniques in Energy Sector: Learn to apply risk and vulnerability assessment techniques specifically to the energy sector and understand how to mitigate these risks.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Sara Vakhshouri

Professor and Director of Center for Energy Security and Diplomacy The Institute of World Politics

Who Should Attend

  • This course is intended for participants who are interested in learning about the intersection of energy, diplomacy, and international politics. It is suitable for learners from a variety of disciplines and work experience.

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