Energy Policy and the Environment

Dates: November 13-15, 2023 · Duration: 3 Days

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About the program

This course provides a market approach with both historical and broad perspectives on energy interactions with the environment and the resultant societal influences in that domain. Topics covered involve effects of energy on the environment, effects of environment on energy, policy approaches toward addressing environmental impacts, policy, energy resources and use, environmental protection, energy regulation, CO2 emission reduction strategies and other issues.

Topics also include analyzing the efficacy of environmental policies such as pollution taxation, emissions standards, renewable subsidies, emission permit markets, conservation programs, and behavioral interventions.

Program Partners

Meet the Faculty

Professor Bruce McCarl

Senior Fellow, Regents Professor and Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics Texas A&M University

Target participants

This program is designed for professionals working within or transitioning to energy policy in the public and private sectors of the ecosystem.