• Date 2 July 2019
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This workshop’s objective is to support deeper cooperation between Saudi Arabia, China and the international community on how to create higher value from the energy transition and industrial upgrading. The one-day event will aim to improve understanding of the key issues that have been identified in the course of research on China’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI) and its implications for Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Key questions and issues that will be addressed at the workshop include:

  • What are the economic benefits and risks of increasing connectivity along the belt and road economies? How can Saudi Arabia maximize the benefits of the BRI through better integration with Vision 2030?
  • What are the facts and trends of BRI energy investment? How can green power cooperation drive new economic prospects in Saudi Arabia?
  • How can energy price reforms balance energy costs and industrial competitiveness? What policy practices might be relevant for Saudi Arabia to facilitate the growth of an energy efficiency service market?
  • What are the opportunities, obstacles and impacts involved in moving up the value chain of petrochemical production through better collaboration between the two countries?


Chen, Dongmei

Dongmei Chen


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