• Type Workshop
  • Date 5th October 2020
  • Time 3:00 PM - 6:00PM (Riyadh - GMT+3)
  • Language English


Collaboration with: International Energy Forum (IEF)

As a response to recommendations from the “Energy open data ecosystem, policy scenario models & tools” workshop series organised by KAPSARC since 2018, IEF and KAPSARC have jointly examined KAPSARC data and modeling resources to improve energy balance compilation with Saudi Arabia as a case study. The project successfully identified key opportunities and challenges in improving existing energy balances compiled by reputable international organisations.

Webinar sessions will focus on open data, models and tools available across international organizations and national jurisdictions to evaluate best practices in respect of national energy balances, with Saudi Arabia as a case study, and examine:

  • Ways in which the cooperation mechanism of Joint Organisation Data Initiative (JODI) can support enhancing national data compilation capacity.
  • Ways to pave the path to acquire open data required to build complete energy balances for Saudi Arabia using JODI and other public sources. Compare and contrast gaps in the energy balance from secondary sources.
  •  Discuss modelers ecosystem blueprint that will aid to develop, operate, maintain open models and data. Review tools to delineate and version manage data and models. Discuss Saudi Arabia’s open models and deep dive into KAPSARC Input-Output Model.


Wafa Aboul Hosn

Wafa Aboul Hosn


AlGhamdi, Abeer

Abeer AlGhamdi

Researcher Information Management Lead

AlHamdan, Linah

Linah AlHamdan

Web Solutions Associate

Alarfaj, Alaa

Alaa Alarfaj

Climate Solutions Associate

Alhosain, Sadeem

Sadeem Alhosain

Research Associate

Darandary, Abdulelah

Abdulelah Darandary

Research Lead

Havrlant, David

David Havrlant

Erica Robin

Erica Robin

International Energy Forum

Shetty, Pavithra Kumar

Pavithra Kumar Shetty

Senior Web Developer

Leonardo Souza

Leonardo Souza

United Nations Statistics Division

Yui Torikata

Yui Torikata

Energy Analyst, IEF

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