• Date 15 July 2019
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In recent decades, the increase in freight mobility has been largely served by road, maritime shipping and, increasingly, air transportation, with less emphasis on alternative modes of transport. This has translated into continued growth for the use of fossil fuels in freight transportation activities.

In this context, this one-day workshop will explore freight transportation activity by focusing on topics including:

  • Understanding the current status and future of freight transportation demand from a global and local perspective in a network setting, focusing on different trends in the sector and innovative methods, including in data gathering, to estimate transport demand.
  • A look at key countries such as China, India, the United States, member states of the European Union, and Saudi Arabia, with a look at the Kingdom’s aim of becoming a regional freight hub.
  • Identifying and analyzing strategic policy, regulatory and technological changes in land and sea transportation to build future scenarios for freight transportation, and an introduction to the KTAF policy analysis application.
  • The assessment of possible future external risks, such as climate change and natural disasters, on the global supply chain.


Arora, Anvita

Anvita Arora

Program Director

Lopez-Ruiz, Hector G.

Hector G. Lopez-Ruiz

Former Research Fellow

Nezamuddin, Nora

Nora Nezamuddin

Fellow I

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