• Type Workshop
  • Date 10 June 2020
  • Time 3:00 pm – 5:20 pm
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The Vision 2030 Dynamic Input-Output Table research project has successfully explored the area of input-output table projections, which take into account the expected technological and structural adjustments in the Saudi economy. The input-output methodology has proved to be particularly useful in the conditions of a transforming economy, as it allows us to introduce significant and relatively sudden changes. We believe it is worth exploring other areas suitable for the application of input-output analysis in the case of Saudi Arabia, given the planned socio-economic adjustments, which are likely to have complex implications of structural nature.

The following broad topics seem to be relevant for Saudi Arabia 1) Economic Diversification, 2) Labor Market Dualities, 3) Environment and Renewable Energy and 4) Latest Trends in Input-Output Analysis. Exploring appropriate methodologies and best practices in the relevant areas would certainly give rise to inspiring ideas and set the stage for cooperation.


1. Discuss the results of the V2030 IOT research project with an international audience, shape further research directions in the field of economic diversification.

2. Collect ideas for applied input-output analysis on Saudi Arabia in other relevant areas, such as the labor market, environment and renewable energy.

3. Explore the latest approaches and methodologies in the input-output framework.

4. Provide space for research cooperation when it comes to the Saudi economy.



Feng, Kuishuang

Kuishuang Feng

Havrlant, David

David Havrlant

Geoffrey J.D. Hewings

Geoffrey J.D. Hewings

Roson, Roberto

Roberto Roson

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