• Date 30 June 2020
  • Time 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
  • Language -


Co-hosted With Paris Energy Club

The objective of this workshop is to gather a wide array of people working on oil outlooks from different organizations, including agencies, traders, energy companies, and other related industries to discuss methodologies, models, and assumptions used to create the outlooks. Following this topic, it is also proposed to discuss short and long-term risks as well as technologies and issues impacting the industry in the third session of the day.


Al Sadoon, Hamid M.

Hamid M. Al Sadoon

Research Lead

Finley, Mark

Mark Finley

Visiting Researcher

Cuneyt Kazokoglu

Cuneyt Kazokoglu

Director of Long-Term Oil Service and Head of Oil Demand, FGE

Keisuke Sadamori

Keisuke Sadamori

Director of Energy Markets and Security, International Energy Agency

Ward, Colin

Colin Ward

Research Fellow


KAPSARC Oil Market Outlook (KOMO)

KAPSARC Oil Market Outlook (KOMO)

KAPSARC has a unique opportunity to provide an objective and insightful oil outlook that builds on our independent position and local (Saudi)…

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