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  • Date 15 November 2016

Book offers unique perspectives on energy relations and policy making in Asia

Energy Relations and Policy Making in Asia

A volume of essays about energy relations from 16 collaborating research institutions, edited by former KAPSARC researcher Leo Lester, has been published by Palgrave Macmillan under the title Energy Relations and Policy Making in Asia. The essays comprise a range of unique perspectives on four themes: the consequences of trade and connectivity; domestic policies; energy security and energy; and the environment.

The ideas originated from a series of KAPSARC energy workshops held in the GCC and North East Asia. Authors include collaborating researchers from across these two regions.

The book offers a valuable glimpse at emerging alliances in policy making across non-Western nations such as Saudi Arabia and China. It goes beyond a conventional analysis of Asia’s energy relationships and explores the premise that energy relations in Asia in the 21st century should reinforce mutual interdependence.

With a focus on how these energy relations are forming, the collection of essays from leading energy, strategic, and economic policy think tanks, offers energy scholars and policy makers answers to what these increasingly close relationships mean for international politics and trade.

The book is available to purchase at https://www.palgrave.com/gb/book/9789811010934

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