• Type Workshop
  • Date 17 April 2014

Energy Productivity Workshop held in Riyadh

How can governments align competing objectives relating to economic growth, energy security and environmental protection? Can these national priorities be translated into effective actions that capture the global benefits that come from effective international cooperation? These questions and more were debated at a KAPSARC workshop held in Riyadh on April 14-15, 2014 titled Energy Productivity: Aligning Global Agendas. The workshop brought together experts from around the world and within the Kingdom to discuss how energy productivity can be used as a political concept and economic tool to motivate and measure national progress at achieving energy efficiency goals.

Organizations represented included the Saudi Energy Efficiency Council (SEEC), United Nations Environment Program, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Alliance to Save Energy. There were also contributions from leading academics from the University Paris Dauphine, University of Vigo, University of Sydney, University of Groningen and the Arabian Gulf University.

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