• Type Workshop
  • Date 26 April 2017

Exploring consumer fuel-efficient mobility

Drivers of Transportation Fuel Demand: Fuel-efficient mobility from the consumer’s perspective − the fifth workshop in KAPSARC’s Energy Workshop Series on Transportation − will be held on April 26, 2017, in Washington D.C.

Experts on light-duty vehicle regulatory programs and consumer behavior from academia, government and the private sector will share their insights on consumer valuation and demand for fuel-efficiency; drivers and barriers to adoption of zero-emission vehicles; and cost-effectiveness of overlapping emission reduction strategies.

The workshop will address:

  • Demand for fuel-efficient and alternative fuel vehicles under different policies and counterfactual scenarios.
  • Consumer and manufacturer response in wake of anticipated market forces and policies.
  • Consumer receptivity to electric vehicle technology.
  • Cost-benefit evaluation of fuel-efficient vehicle technologies.

Consumer adoption of fuel-efficient vehicles is a crucial step in improving energy utilization and reducing emissions from the personal transportation sector. To promote adoption, multiple supply- and demand-side policies such as fuel economy standards, zero-emission vehicle mandate, renewable fuel standard, low carbon fuel standard, ethanol subsidies, financial and non-financial incentives, have been employed. For these policies to achieve their intended goals, understanding the demand for fuel-efficient and zero-emission vehicles from the consumer’s perspective is paramount.

A summary briefing reflecting, on a non-attribution basis, the insights of the workshop participants and key conclusions of the discussion will subsequently be published on KAPSARC’s website.