• Type Workshop
  • Date 5 October 2013

KAPSARC holds Career Paths Workshop in Washington DC

Following the Energy Systems Modeling Workshop, KAPSARC held its first Career Paths in Operations Research Workshop, hosted by the George Washington University, in Washington DC the following day on October 4, 2013.

The purpose of this workshop was to provide graduate students with insights for career paths in operations research, energy and environmental economics, and systems engineering. Over 30 graduate students from those fields were invited to participate. The workshop consisted of four panels covering: academia; not-for-profit; government and think tanks; corporate and consulting fields; and managing a research career and multiple paths. The students participated and engaged with all members of the panels and experts from the Energy Systems Modeling Workshop who attended the event.

Students asked questions about research topics, entering the job market, skill sets needed in different career paths, and how they could have access to and influence policy makers. Panelists emphasized the fundamental requirements across all the career paths, in particular the importance of developing the right questions, communicating their research and findings, and networking within the profession. They also addressed answers to particular fields and specific individual students.

This workshop was unique as it provided information directly to graduate students, who are the next generation of energy economic researchers and future policy makers. Usually, students obtain career information through their advisors and academic departments. The workshop also provided a platform for potential new recruits for KAPSARC, senior research visits to the Center, in addition to the possibility of future collaboration with universities.

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