• Type General news
  • Date 8 November 2016

KAPSARC researchers to chair session on energy modeling at INFORMS Annual Meeting 2016

KAPSARC researchers Bertrand Williams-Rioux and Hossa Al-Mutairi are set to present at the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee later this month.

Bert will also jointly chair the Managing Transitions in Regulated Energy Markets session with KAPSARC Senior Visiting Fellow, Frederic Murphy. The panel will discuss analytical models used to study the economic impacts of policy design in different regulated energy markets including:

     ■   A hybrid top-down, bottom-up approach to study interactions between energy and non-energy            sectors and the effects of energy policies on the whole Saudi economy (KEM-G).

     ■  North America Natural Gas Model: Impacts of market deregulation in Mexico.

     ■  US Biofuel Market and Policy Model: Analysis of US biofuel policies (both federal and state                 level) to help highlight market challenges and opportunities.

     ■  The KAPSARC Energy Model (KEM) of China: Impact of price caps in China’s electricity sector           on the economics of coal, power and wind.

The 2016 INFORMS Annual Meeting Nashville brings together over 5,000 leading academics, industry experts, students, INFORMS members, and representatives of government agencies for four days of plenary presentations, panel discussions, tutorials, technical sessions and networking.