• Type General news
  • Date 30th December 2015

Liquid Fuels and Fuel Substitutes Workshop

As governments pursue policies to reduce the carbon-footprint of transport fuels, participants in this workshop, held on December 2, 2015, explored facets of the complex questions of substituting fossil-based liquid fuels with alternative fuels, including:

  • Outlook for conventional liquid fuels demand
  • What policies are best suited to promoting alternative biofuels?
  • Do policies promoting biofuels and various technologies such as CTL/GTL make sense in a low oil price environment?
  • Will cheap natural gas lead to a greater role for LNG in replacing conventional liquid fuels?
  • What is the role and the effectiveness of policy in promoting new fuels/technologies?

The role of conventional liquid fuels in the global economy is critical, given the lack of economical substitutes for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and bunker fuel oils in road transport, aviation and shipping.


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