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  • Date 18 July 2018

Nurturing our future stakeholders

The Center was delighted to host 50 male Mawhiba students as part of an educational program organized by Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy. The young people enjoyed taking part in an applied scientific research methodologies session led by KAPSARC researchers, and learning about renewable energy in Saudi Arabia. The program also included a visit to KAPSARC’s solar field and a tour of the Research and Office Complex to learn about the building’s advanced energy efficiency features.

KAPSARC President, Adam Sieminski, said: “As an organization, I believe we have an obligation to make a positive impact in our community through engaging with our future stakeholders. These opportunities can often crystalize new ideas, offer a chance for reflection and insight, and accentuate the social relevance and impact of KAPSARC’s valuable work.”

A group of female Mawhiba students will make a similar visit to the Center later this month.


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