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Energy Transitions delivers leading research that evaluates the policy, economic, and technical challenges and opportunities arising from initiatives to move toward more sustainable and less carbon-intensive power generation mixes. International and multidisciplinary in scope, the journal is fully open access thanks to the support of KACST and KAPSARC. The journal includes articles that address either of two major thematic areas: (1) energy economics and energy policy; and (2) electrical energy technologies. Thus, articles will focus on the policy and economic aspect of energy transitions as well as the technological aspects related to energy transitions. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries are of particular interest, but lessons and experiences drawn from other countries are also welcome.

The journal is targeted for a broad international audience, with a particular focus on, but not limited to, those interested in the MENA region. Intended readers will likely be postgraduates, advanced undergraduates, think tanks, and other academic researchers with an interest in energy economics, energy policy, and the technical challenges facing energy transitions. The journal is multidisciplinary in scope, and should be of increasingly great value to economists, political scientists, scientists with an interest in the environment and energy applications, area specialists on the MENA region, as well R&D centers and government institutions based in the MENA region, or focussed on the challenges of energy transitions.

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