Project Aim

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants to become a global logistical hub by developing its transportation infrastructure to increase economic diversification. This is one of the top priorities of the Transport Ministry, as stated in their National Transformation Initiatives and the KSA Logistic Hub plan. This project aims to assess the current status and future of freight transportation in KSA from a global+local perspective in order to identify: How can KSA better position itself to achieve its future objective as a global logistical hub?

Key questions

  • What is the current global maritime freight network, and how does land-based freight in the Kingdom tie into the global network and its current efficiency?
  • What are the developments in infrastructure and freight policy required to meet the Kingdom’s goals for economic diversification and global hub positioning?
  • What are the costs, benefits and risks - including domestic and global geopolitical constraints - associated with developments in freight infrastructure and policy in Saudi Arabia?


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