Project Aim

The Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) Index project seeks to expand and add rigor to the conceptual basis of the concept of CCE, as well as its practical operationalization, by developing a robust quantitative framework to measure country performance and progress toward it. The resulting CCE Index will be a composite indicator that measures various dimensions of the CCE in a national context, across countries.  The project consists of various components, including a consultation paper that provides a preliminary conceptual-methodological framework for the CCE Index and to support related expert and stakeholder consultations. The first edition of the CCE Index will cover major economies and oil-producing countries and will be disseminated through various research outputs, events and an online platform.

The CCE Index has two main functions: first, the Index is intended to enable further discussions around ways to identify, measure and compare countries’ strengths and weaknesses in terms of the CCE, and to help pinpoint areas where progress is already well underway and where further policy efforts are needed or could be beneficial. Second, the Index promotes further understanding of the CCE concept and the overall idea of adopting a holistic approach to managing emissions across energy systems and economies and to achieving carbon circularity. The project also seeks to support discussions within Saudi Arabia on ways to measure and advance toward CCE.

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