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  • Type Think20 (T20)
  • Date 15 June 2022


The G20 has made commitments to the international community to reduce plastic waste leakage into the natural environment. It should use its network and offices to galvanize the resources and technical expertise to meet commitments under the G20s Osaka Declaration. While previous G20 summits have focused on the problem, a significant amount of work is still to be done from a solution standpoint. This paper seeks to inform policymakers of the nature of the global plastic leakage problem and offer strategic solutions to reduce plastic pollution. We highlight the important role for plastics in the circular economy and identify the technology pathways for circular plastic economy and policies to encourage investment in recycling/upcycling infrastructure.


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Sara Lechtenberg-Kasten

زميل باحث عذرًا، هذا المحتوى متوفر فقط باللغة الإنجليزية عذرًا، هذا المحتوى متوفر فقط باللغة الإنجليزية

Adam C. Bouloukos

Adam C. Bouloukos

United Nations Development Programme

Michael Wang

Michael Wang

Argonne National Laboratory

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