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  • Date 08 February 2024


This chapter focuses on the evolution of smart cities in developing countries. It starts by mapping the definitions and evolutions of smart cities concepts. Then it outlines the progress and current practices that emerging economies, in general, have achieved in their transition towards smart cities and the significant key challenges and takeaways that can be acquired so far. It analyses what could have been done better and what factors are still missing in smoothening this transition. Furthermore, it zooms into the smart city initiatives in Saudi Arabia to better extract lessons learned and the way to move forward. The analysis suggests measures that each actor can take: the public, private and international sides to further smoothen the transition to address the rising challenges of urbanization in emerging economies.


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Fateh Belaïd

Fellow II was a full professor of economics at Lille Catholic University and director of the Smart & Sustainable Cities research unit.… was a full professor of economics at Lille Catholic University and director of the Smart & Sustainable Cities research unit. Fateh has also held various positions at the French Scientific and Technical Center for Building and led multiple collaborative projects for the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and the European Commission. He is an energy and environmental economist drawing from the fields of applied microeconomics, energy modeling, and econometrics. He has published widely on household energy consumption, energy-saving behaviors, individual preference and investment in energy efficiency, energy poverty, renewables, and energy policy. He received a habilitation for supervising doctoral research from Orléans University, a Ph.D. in Economics, an M.S. in Applied Economics & Decision Theory from Littoral University, and an engineering degree in statistics. His work has been published in journals including Ecological Economics, The Energy Journal, Energy Economics, Economic Surveys, Energy Policy, and Environmental Management


  • Energy and Environmental Economics; Energy Efficiency; Energy Demand; Fuel Poverty; Energy Policy; Energy Saving Behaviors; Applied Econometrics; Smart and Sustainable Cities.

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