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  • Research Interests Energy Market Analysis and Outlook, Oil Market Forecast, Energy Policies Impact, Technology Developments and Alternative Energy Technologies


Julio is an economist and civil engineer with over 20 years of experience in the energy field. His experience includes energy policy and data analysis for international organizations, governmental advisory services, and the construction of energy projects. Julio also has a passion for sustainable energy and project management, both supported by his postgraduate studies. Before joining KAPSARC, Julio worked as a senior energy consultant within different organizations. For over seven years, during his position as energy policy analyst at OPEC, he was one of the major contributors to the OPEC World Oil Outlook (WOO). His experience in both the governmental and private sectors, in the field and office, allows him to understand the dynamics of the energy sector.


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Stagflation: Should the Oil Industry Worry?

Stagflation: Should the Oil Industry Worry?

Oil is an essential commodity with an almost perfectly inelastic demand, despite its volatile price. In recent months, fuel prices have declined significantly from approximately $120 per barrel (b) at the beginning of June to less than $85/b at the end of September. Experts and market commentators suggest that this steady decline is symptomatic of the onset of a global economic recession. But what are these recessionary concerns?

9th January 2023
Investment Challenges Affecting the Oil and Gas Industry

Investment Challenges Affecting the Oil and Gas Industry

The unprecedented crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the investment in the oil and gas sector, which was already suffering from low investment levels, among other reasons due to the climate change misconceptions. This report analyzes the main challenges negatively impacting investments in the sector, focusing on the four most important problems: price volatility, uncertainties due to significantly diverging long-term forecasts, increasing climate change concerns, and the lack of regulation on environmental and social, and governance.

22nd August 2022

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The webinar is co-hosted with the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES), and King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)  Over the past decade, the shale boom created a shift in the world’s energy landscape, economy, and politics. Tight oil and shale gas production have been adversely impacted by recent events in the oil […]

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