• Primary Program Energy Information Management
  • Research Interests Machine learning and data science


Anup is responsible for designing and implementing data platforms that automate data sourcing, transformation, and publishing needed for research at KAPSARC. He led the development of insight web applications such as the KAPSARC Energy Model – Saudi Arabia, KAPSARC Energy Policy Database,  KAPSARC Global Energy Macroeconomic Model and KAPSARC Building Energy Efficiency. Anup brings eight years of database management in enterprise data warehouse, process automation, data analysis, and web development expertise. Prior to KAPSARC, he worked for several large data publishers and startups with massive energy data portals. He has also developed several data transformation tools using new age platforms such as elastic search, JavaScript and Mongo database. Anup specializes in the extract-transform-load process and has automated hundreds of manual processes significantly improving speed and efficiency.

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