• Primary Program Market Analysis & Industrial Development
  • Research Interests Local Content, Government Relations, Community Relations, SME Development


Fernendo is a visiting researcher at KAPSARC. During the last seven years, he has been working in the extractive industries in various subjects, such as Government relations, Community development, Commercial Development and Local content. Before that I worked on Water Regulation


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  • Discussion paper
Identifying the Roadblocks for Energy Access: A Case Study for Eastern Africa’s Gas

Identifying the Roadblocks for Energy Access: A Case Study for Eastern Africa’s Gas

Natural gas resources in Tanzania and Mozambique have emerged as a new source of gas supply. While they are poised for export to global gas markets, they can also provide a key source of energy to the rest of Eastern Africa (defined in this paper to include Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda), where millions of inhabitants are currently living without access to electricity and clean cooking. Natural gas could also potentially be a driver for industrialization and economic growth. But before delving into the potential gas demand and opportunities for gas utilization in the region, it is important to take a step back to analyze the current energy picture in Eastern Africa and look into the social and development plans in place in the region. Despite large natural resource potential across the region of Eastern Africa (except South Africa), low electricity access and energy access rates have hampered economic growth and increased dependency on traditional biomass. This scoping study investigates energy access issues in the residential, industrial and transport sectors.

20th May 2018

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