• Primary Program Energy Transitions and Environment
  • Research Interests Clean energy technology innovation, climate change, environmental and technology policy, international collaboration, environmental economics



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Policy Lessons From China’s CCS Experience

Policy Lessons From China’s CCS Experience

China’s political leadership has taken an increasingly public and proactive stance on climate change since 2014. This includes a commitment that Chinese carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions will peak before 2030 and enacting measures through the 13th Five-Year Plan to support energy efficiency, clean energy technology, and carbon management. Chinese policymakers consider carbon capture and storage (CCS) a critical bridging technology to help accelerate the decarbonization of its economy. This paper reviews and analyses Chinese CCS support policies from the perspective of an adaptive policymaking framework, recognizing uncertainty as an inherent element of the policymaking process, and draws more general lessons for responding to changing circumstances.

2nd July 2018

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