• Date 24 April 2019
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KAPSARC’s new workshop in the series covering Oil Strategies for the Low Carbon Energy Transition will be held in The Hague, Netherlands on April 24, 2019 at Huys Clingendael’s headquarters.

Co-hosted by KAPSARC and the Clingendael International Energy Programme, the event aims to inform research into strategies that may be deployed by both oil importers and exporters through the transition to a low emissions energy mix.

There is a consensus that current climate policy trajectories are not sufficient to achieve a 2°C above pre-industrial levels target and policymakers are under pressure to further decarbonize their economies. Despite steady technical advances in transportation and power generation, there is increasing uncertainty as to how national economies and global markets will respond, especially if more radical policy measures are enacted. There is a risk of unexpected and unintended consequences with the potential for both winners and losers. This workshop aims to explore this effect on the future of oil, including the impact on resource-holders and consumers.

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