• Type Workshop
  • Date 21 November 2016

Collaborative workshop focuses on capturing Africa’s first demographic dividends

KAPSARC is co-hosting a workshop with the World Demographic and Ageing Forum on November 21-22 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Part of the Natural Resource-led Development in New Producing Countries project, this event focuses on Africa’s demography and the continent’s ability to capture a demographic dividend and explores how resource wealth may affect and be affected by these demographic trends.

Africa’s demographic trends are at the heart of all discussions relating to economic development and its integration into the world economy. Ongoing changes in the age structure – a larger labor force with fewer dependents – offers economic opportunities and challenges. Many countries are anticipating that economic growth will be fueled by natural resource development and energy production.

Major new discoveries of oil and gas in recent years, as well as prospects for further finds are expected to transform the economic and political landscapes in eastern Africa. Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda stand poised to produce significant quantities of oil and gas, increasing exports, government revenues and foreign direct investment, and increasing the pace of economic growth. However, all four countries also face daunting demographic trends. For example, Tanzania’s population is forecasted to grow from 52 million in 2015 to more than 100 million by 2035.

A summary briefing reflecting the key insights of workshop participants and the key conclusions of the discussions will be published following the event.

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